1010 Wien, Marc Aurel Sraße 6 Di - Sa, 12.00 bis 23.00 Uhr +43 1 533 40 30

under the leadership of gourmet chef

Denis König

Le-Salzgries Philosophie

Philosophyof the restaurant

A mix between bistro & brasserie
In the middle of Vienna’s city center the much-quoted Parisian way of life pulsates. Chef Denis König relies on the great classics of French cuisine as well as on creative interpretations. The chef understands the culinary desires of his guests and, besides fresh fish and other delicacies from the sea, also offers hearty meat creations. At the latest with the heavenly desserts – such as tarte chocolat with liquid core – it becomes clear: here, connoisseurs of the french cuisine are in the 7th heaven.

The classics



RestaurantLe Salzgries

french cuisine in Vienna / cuisine francaise
Marc Aurel Straße 6,
1010 Vienna
Tel. +43 1 533 40 30


Seezunge Le Salzgriess Französisches Restaurant Wien
Beef Tartar Le Salzgriess Beef Französisches Restaurant Wien
Entrecôte Salzgriess Beef Französisches Restaurant Wien
Le Salzgries Ente
Entenleberterrine Le Salzgries
Champagne Telmont Le Salzgries
Tarte au citron